About Us


Established 2013

Lisa Coleman and Steve Harlin are the owners of Purple Prairie Lavender Farm, LLC. The property which is located in Good Hope , Illinois was purchased in 2006. Most of the front property was pasture and hay field. after what seemed like years Lisa was able to convince Steve into the idea of growing lavender.


So the journey began. Now Lisa, coming from a farming community and Steve with a little knowledge of how to turn ground began cutting the land. With the equipment they had, a 1949 Ford 8n, a two bottom plow and a disk, they set to work only having time to get it done during the weekends. Now as you can see it wasn't much, but it did teach them plenty, and they did begin to understand the nature of these beautiful plants. Grosso and Hidcote were the first plants in the ground. So once they had a better understanding a plan was formulated and two more rows were added. Each row consisted 72 lavender plants.

first-lavender-field-2.jpg tilling-third-planting.jpg


 So with each passing year Steve and Lisa add more lavenders. Current plant count is 544 of various varieties.

lisa-cutting-lavender.jpg                          lavenders-growers-emblem.jpg                   steve-cutting-lavender.jpg                                     

Lisa is in her happy place.                                                         Steve getting his workout.


 With a passion for Lavender, we created Purple Prairie Lavender Farm, LLC, the first Lavender Farm in West Central Illinois. With more than 800 plants in the ground, we continue to add more each year. We have had setbacks with two years of Winter loss but we will not be deterred. We are stubborn and will keep trying until we get it right. Our customers love of all things Lavender keeps us pushing forward. Our goal is Agri-tourism. We dream of weddings, receptions, parties, farm tours and photography in our future. Although not yet certified, we do practice organic farming. We create quality bath and body products from the Lavender we harvest. We enjoy creating new and useful products that we know our customers will love. We love when people come to our farm and just enjoy something as simple as sitting in the field watching the bees and multitude of butterflies on the Lavender plants. We would not be where we are without our customer support. We are grateful for each and every one.